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Voter Fraud Facts | Voter Fraud Statistics

Get the Facts on Voter Fraud in The United States

Our Voter Fraud Facts and Voter Fraud statistics take an unbiased look at voter fraud facts. The voter fraud statistics don't lie, the fact is although voter fraud is an issue in the US the real problem may be very different that you think. We will answer questions like, "How are voter id laws impacting the country?", "Is voter fraud really threatening our democracy?", and "does voter fraud exist?"

VOTER FRAUD FACT: Oppenents of the Democractic party like Fox News and oppenents of Government in general like the Koch Brothers and are just some of the powerful groups behind the Voter Fraud Controversy in the United States. They stand to lose the most money and power if Republicans lose elections.

Organizations like Fox News & Koch Brothers backed groups like ALEC and the Heritage foundation help to spread talking points and draft legislation to prevent low-incomes families, students, seniors and "minorities" from voting. Pay attention they tell you that Democrats are drinking the Kool Aid, but this is a manipulation tactic to control the people. Don't be fooled, get even and cast your vote.

At Voter fraud facts we take an in depth look at voter id laws, voter fraud myths and other voter supression tactics meant to prevent voter turnout.

Between 200 and 2010 there were 649 million votes cast in general elections and 13 cases of in-person voter impersonation.

Get the Voter Fraud Facts on Voter ID:

What is Voter Fraud / Electoral Fraud?

Voter Fraud (officially called electoral fraud) is the act of illegally tampering with an election. Although the major issue being discussed by talking heads is voter ID fraud there are a number of different types of voter fraud.

Make sure you know exactly what voter fraud statistics are being discussed when you read an article or listen to a talking heads. The severity of the fraud problem can be greatly blown out of proportion by quoting other voter fraud stats instead of voter ID statistics specifically when debating the validity of voter ID laws.

Types of voter fraud include intimidation, vote buying, misinformation, misleading / confusing ballot papers, ballot stuffing, misrecording of votes, misuses of proxy votes, destruction / invalidation of ballots, and tampering with electronic voting machines.

Voter Fraud... Does it exist or not?

With all the talk from Republicans about how big of a problem voter fraud is for the country and all the talk from the left saying it isn't an issue the facts tend to get lost in the confusion.

The truth is that voter fraud does exist. Not just in America, but in just about every election since the beginning of time (this is an exaggeration and not a fact to be fair). Make no mistake, neither the left or right (radicals excluded) think we need don't need to protect our democracy from voter fraud, they just have very different opinions on how this should be done.

What are the Politicians Doing to Prevent Voter Fraud?

America already has many forms of voter fraud prevention. These include secret ballots, transparency, statistical indicators, prosecution and voting machine integrity. Voter ID laws are a form of protection enacted to prevent voter fraud.

Now that you have the breakdown on voter fraud facts and voter fraud statistics, it's time to find out the real truth on Voter Fraud and Electoral Fraud. Check out the fraud laws, facts and statistics and get educated for the upcoming election.